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  Cinema halls are the place where the movie goers spend couple of hours engrossed in the events that take place on the screen.

To make this a memorable and an enjoyable experience the hall owners provide exceptional and superior ambience. The multiplexes add another dimension to the cinema goer. It gives him the much needed choice, alternate movies or flexible timing, varied entertainment for the family and snacks and meals of great taste.

The AC systems in a cinema hall have to tackle a lot of problems. On top of the list is the large occupancy it has to cater. More the number of people mean there is more latent load and hence more fresh air is required with optimal cooling. Also at times the load is too high and other times, it is too less. Apart from these factors, the AC machines should make minimal noise, which doesn't percolate into the cinema hall and not disturb the audiences. Hence acoustics also needs to be taken care of.

Nu Dyna has done airconditioning systems in different types and categories of cinema halls, from a seating capacity of 100 to more than 1000. Design engineers take complete care when a new system is put in place. The machines should be reliable, safe and maintainable. These also have to deliver the cooling while saving energy for the customer. 
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