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  Providing cost-effective and efficient software solutions has catapulted India to the top of the world in the IT/ITES industry. Nu Dyna maintain the right ambience to the exact needs of the industry.

The environment in the software development areas needs to be maintained and hence temperature, humidity, proper air flow and dust levels have to be controlled. The equipments produce a lot of heat which, if not removed within specified time, will be self destructive i,e will damage the components beyond repair. Furthermore, in ITES industry, we have a lot of people working to cater to BPO services, meeting the needs of customers across the globe.

This calls for specialty cooling, fresh air and precision in the ambience.

Nu Dyna is an expert to have a complete set of solutions for the software industry. Be it, the energy efficient Chillers, low noise AHUs, or PAC's, Nu Dyna has all of that to offer.

With their vast experience, Nu Dyna engineers can increase the productivity of your most valuable asset - the software developer. If you provide the comfortable ambience, the developer will be in a position to generate the right software solutions and bring a lot of productivity to the table.

Server rooms require special and higher cooling. They may call for 'under floor' discharge, master-slave configurations, very low dust concentration, hot-cold bay control, and off course precise temperature and humidity. PAC's from Nu Dyna make all this available for you without any extra effort or cost. 
  Our Clients  
  > ADP Ltd., Pune  
  > AVAYA India P.Ltd. ( Phase- I )  
  > Avery Denninson  
  > Adobe , Mumbai  
  > British Telicom , Mumbai  
  > Capita ( Computer Land ), Pune  
  > Cipla, Mumbai  
  > Capgemini, Mumbai  
  > Deloitte, Mumbai  
  > Electronics Data systems (I) P.Ltd.  
  > Emptoris, Pune  
  > Future Generali Insurance Co., Mumbai  
  > Hitachi, Pune  
  > Hindustan Times FM Radio St.  
  > I2 technologies, Mumbai  
  > Indian Express, Mumbai  
  > I3G - Statprobe , Pune  
  > IBM Daksh  
  > John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., Pune  
  > Jet Airways  
  > KPMG , Pune  
  > Kohinoor Technologies P. Ltd., Mumbai  
  > Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai  
  > K. Raheja construction co., Mumbai  
  > Mckinsey, Mumbai  
  > Meenakshi Infrastructure P. Ltd., Hyperabad  
  > Mine stone Campus , Navsari  
  > New Bridge , Mumbai  
  > Nvidia Graphics, Pune  
  > Piramal health care, Mumbai  
  > Quest To Travel , Mumbai  
  > Symantec Corporation  
  > Sitel , Mumbai  
  > Tata Telecom, Pune  
  > TVTODAY Network Ltd.  
  > Ubisoft Entertaintment , pune  
  > UHG , Hyderabad  
  > Vistaar epBusi P.Ltd., Mumbai  
  > Yahoo India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad  



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