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  Gone are those days, when banks had huge ledgers stern all over, difficult to handle, clumsy to look and collecting dust. These days, banks have become an epitome of grace, efficiency and customer care. The banks of today wear a modern, stylish and contemporary look.

Almost all the branches of the banks are airconditioned for providing comfort to their customers. The air conditioning systems required have to meet a set of criteria like temperature control, humidity and proper air distribution. Some of the banks have locker room / safe rooms for keeping valuables and computerization of banks has made server rooms mandatory.

The locker rooms which are totally surrounded by concrete walls need to be provided with an airconditioning system which brings in adequate amount of fresh air, without compromising on safety and security of the valuables stored.

The server rooms require reliable control on temperature and humidity so that the data storage equipment functions in a reliable manner.

The customer interface / waiting areas need proper airconditioning to meet the comfort levels of the customers.

Nu Dyna understands all these requirements and has got the right products and solutions mix. The locker rooms can be provided with ductable ACs, the server rooms can be provided with PAC's and the customer areas can be airconditioned using a combination of VRV/SPLIT/DUCTABLE/CENTRAL ACs for cabins, ductables for general office etc.
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  > ABN Amro  
  > BNP Paribas, Mumbai  
  > Deutsche Bank  
  > HDFC Bank , Mumbai  
  > Bank of New York  
  > ANZ Bank Ltd.  
  > City Bank, Mumbai  
  > Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai  
  > ING Vysya Bank, Mumbai  
  > National Australia Bank, Mumbai  



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