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  These days almost all offices are airconditioned. The objective is to give a comfortable and dust free environment for the people working in the office. Studies on office productivity have revealed that people working in airconditioned spaces are able to work more efficiently resulting in more productivity. The office environment has to offer optimum and uniform temperature, correct humidity and sound levels while ensuring right air movement. Fresh air is a pre-requisite as it is an important factor for the well being of the occupants.

Nu Dyna the experts in the field of HVAC in India, has done a number of Office airconditioning projects in India . 

Nu Dyna's system design expertise can help you go for low and cost effective investments. Whether it is a small office or a big multi storyed building, Nu Dyna has got the right product mix from VRV’s to Splits to Ductable and Central airconditioning.

Nu Dyna can put the right system in your place, which will cost less and at the same time will be efficient through its life.

Nu Dyna understands the need for providing the right quantity of fresh air. In the absence of adequate fresh air, occupants in the office start feeling giddy and develop "headaches", and a sense of "nausea" sets in resulting in low level of alertness. Persistence of this problem for a long time leads to lesser productivity. This is termed as a "sick building syndrome".

Engineers from Nu Dyna also ensure that the offices airconditioned are provided with ambience for maximum productivity.
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